Instead of focusing on Wi-Fi as a means to deliver simple Internet bandwidth, Linkyfi enables the organisations that use it for marketing, client intelligence, and many more indirect but key value added services, such as Geo-marketing, Location-Based services and navigation and more.

This all results in a brilliant experience for end-users while gaining invaluable market intelligence for the B2B clients of operators and ISPs, without invading privacy, but harnessing the power of true intelligent marketing, simply by providing Wi-Fi, which the solution manages completely as a foundation of its functionality.

Location Based Services (LBS)

The Linkyfi Multi-Tennant solution will result in rich Big Data and enable the delivery of detailed reporting of users, time spent in venues, frequented locations, highest foot-fall locations, user marketing potential volumes and much more.


Fair business model for operators

Become our partner and grow your revenue by offering Linkyfi as a WiFi added service for your enterprise customers. Linkyfi is a solution that works great for all kinds of venues – shops, shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, airports, railway stations and many more.

Scalable solution with no limits

Linkyfi can be easily adjusted to your needs – there are no limits as to the number of enterprises added, accounts set up or logged in WiFi users.

Technical support

Use the 24/7 support made up of our top-level engineers to solve both easy and complex WiFi issues. You can be sure that the support team will rush to help you and your customers.

No installation needed

Reduce your costs automatically since Linkyfi does not require installation of any external hardware or software. Thanks to the fact that the platform is hosted on a cloud and offered as a service all you need to manage is a web panel. Still, it is not a problem to install Linkyfi in your data centre or migrate it to your premises when a number of your enterprise customers grows.

No technical skills required

Linkyfi can be easily managed by any user, even if they have no technical background. The interface is user-friendly and doesn’t require any specific skills to use all its features.


Powerful landing page builder

Linkyfi’s landing page builder allows you to easily create responsive landing pages and captive portals using various login flows, graphics, image slideshows and videos. You can use both a drag-and-drop editor or paste your own code for embedding elements from external sources. To make sure that your landing pages and captive portals look great on all devices, throughout the whole creation process you can use a preview mode.

Wide range of login options

The captive portal builder allows for setting various login conditions to provide the venue’s visitor with WiFi access. You can choose from logging in via Social Media, filling out a survey, watching an ad or using a token/voucher.

Advanced statistics component

Gather a full set of statistics on visitors’ behavior, based on their profiles’ characteristics, such as sex, age, their engagement and retention rate. You will be able to monitor over 80% of the venue’s visitors since data is collected from all devices with enabled WiFi. Additionally, you can view all data in real-time or go through it later for any time period.

Integration with external solutions

To offer your customers additional features that go beyond Linkyfi, our platform is prepared to integrate with 3rd party solutions. Such integration is possible by providing open interfaces such as REST WS for various PMS, SMS and payments gateways.

Powerful marketing engine

Create dedicated marketing campaigns and reach venue’s visitors upon their current position thanks to geofencing and targeting in real-time. Linkyfi’s marketing engine allows to build effective marketing campaigns based on demographics, visitors’ positioning and historical data.

Wifi advertisement and monetization

We know that adverts and videos can gain your customers’ interest, that is why Linkyfi’s landing page and captive portal builder allows to include them. You can add your own ads and videos or paste code snippets from proper servers to include external ones.

Indoor positioning and heat maps

Use Linkyfi heat maps to spot the most crowded and popular places and to optimize your venue’s space. Basing on gathered data you can outline individual zones and transition nodes in the venue, and run dedicated, real-time marketing activities for those zones.

Robust multi-tenancy engine

Linkyfi supports complex organizations with unlimited number of subsidiaries. It provides the ability to set up individual accounts with their own account permissions per unit, use data gathered per unit and aggregated on various organizations’ levels, along with propagating down any elements built on Linkyfi. As an example - the multi-tenancy engine allows to build captive portals at the organization’s HQ marketing department and then easily make them available to use by other subsidiaries.

Deep packet inspection

Get an insight into the entire online traffic of your users and analyze webpages they visit using the venue’s WiFi. The online traffic can be tunneled to Linkyfi’s proxy server to provide the detailed analysis of the visitors’ online behavior. Linkyfi may also come with a virtual proxy server to handle the features that low-end products miss (e.g. external captive portal redirection).

Customization on demand

Since AVSystem is an engineering-oriented company, we can customize Linkyfi to meet your individual business needs. If you need, for example, translating Linkyfi’s interface into another language or integrating it with any external platform, do not hesitate to contact us.

Quality of service

Linkyfi allows to control the overall performance of your WiFi network by managing connection parameters. You can achieve it by setting up timeouts, bandwidth limits, maximum download and upload speed or managing white- and black listed URLs.