Linkyfi has a multitenancy capability of managing multi-venue organizations from one instance and one dashboard on Linkyfi.

With Linkyfi’s landing page builder allows you to easily create responsive landing pages and captive portals using various login flows, graphics, image slideshows and videos.

The captive portal builder allows for setting various login conditions to provide the venue’s visitor with WiFi access.


Multi-venue organizations are laid out in a logical form of a tree, which allows for seeing their dependancies like a headquarter with its subsidiaries or a shopping mall and its tenants.

The statistics are built upon the data collected for each of the child organizations and aggregated up the tree for their parent organizations.

There’s no limit for the levels added to the multi-venue tree on Linkyfi.

All marketing tasks, including Captive Portals, built on the parent organization level, are propagated down the tree to each of the sub-organizations.

To sum up, Multitenancy on Linkyfi offers the following capabilities:

  • Unlimited number of levels
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Fine grain permission set per account

Captive portal and login types

Captive Portal and Landing Page builder

Captive portal is a web page that opens up (usually automatically) when you try to connect to a guest Wi-Fi; this is where you log in or confirm a TOS for getting access to the Internet over Wifi.

Landing Page is the page onto which you land after you are logged in successfully on Captive Portal.

Linkyfi lets you build both of these pages with drag & drop elements and also upload your own files, embed videos and add your custom code (html or js).

Landing page can be also any external URL onto which you land WiFi users after they’re logged in.

You can build and restore unlimited number of captive portals and landing pages on Linkyfi.

On top of that you can set up unlimited number of networks (SSIDs) and bind them with captive portals and landing pages of your choice

Types of logins

There’s a variety of login options that you can utilize for providing Wi-Fi users access with the internet access:

  • With social media accounts:
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Vkonakte
  • Conditioned by watching video ads
  • Completing a survey/ questionnaire
  • Account login
  • Paid access (payment gateway or SMS)
  • Tokens
  • White list of MAC addresses

Not all of the options are enabled from the Basic Plan. Please refer to the price list for details.


With Linkyfi you can outline zones that would actually map the existing zones in a venue. This could be a food court or a particular store in a shopping center.

For each of the zones, you can build individual KPIs which is how many people have come up in the zone.

You can also run geo-fencing campaigns which means sending out messages (SMS text message, emails) in real time upon visitors’ current position.