VoIP Communications

Reduce Costs by Leveraging your data network

IP School Intercom Communications

Telecenter K-12 communication systems are design for networking simplicity and cost reduction. Here's what networked-based design means for your school:

  • Simplified maintenance with a single common Cat 5/5e/6 cable plant
  • Distributed fiber architecture – instead of expensive home-run cabling use fiber to interconnect distributed or campus style systems
  • Reduced technical training with simplified remote system access over the Internet, WAN, or via modem

Mass Notification

Fast Response to Emergency Situations

Telecenter and Mass Notification

As part of your comprehensive crisis and mass notification plan, a paging and intercom system plays a vital role. Whether you are evacuating a single school or locking down the entire district, the ability to communicate clearly and quickly is critical. Rauland Telecenter systems let you communicate real-time to every classroom, every corridor, and throughout every corner of your K-12 facility or campus.

Multiple Communication and Notification Options

As situations change, use live announcements, emergency tones, and pre-recorded instructional messages to direct students and staff. First responders get automated voice announcements via phone - during a fire or security event – whether they are in the building or offsite. Telecenter systems can interface to other systems in your facility for a coordinated response.

Access From Anywhere

Users can access the system from an office telephone, an emergency paging microphone, or a cell phone. A hands-free intercom and in-classroom panic buttons let you know exactly who needs assistance.

Support your crisis communications plan with Telecenter.

Time Synchronisation

Keeping Everyone on Schedule

School and District-Wide Time Synchronization

To keep students and staff organized, every school has a daily schedule for classes and events. Rauland-Borg's complete line of stand-alone master clocks and integrated Telecenter intercom solutions keep everyone on track.

  • Atomic Time Sync keeps every school in your district on the same time – especially important when it comes to coordinating bus schedules
  • Every clock throughout the facility shows exactly the same time; each is synchronized with the class change bells – you won't have students roaming the halls, while others are still in class. The system's multiple class change "bell" schedules and programmable year long calendar accommodate all your different types of school days automatically; from half days, to pep rallies and early dismissal for conferences.
  • Zoned bell and tone distribution allows you to ring bells or sound tones in specific areas while not disturbing the rest of the facility – the 5 minute gym warning tone only sounds at the gymnasium and the athletic fields.

School Safety

Streamline Communications during a Crisis

A Safe and Secure School Environment is Essential for Students and Staff

In an emergency, you need a communications system that enables immediate action and a rapid call for assistance. Telecenter systems improve response times and supports all your emergency events, such as evacuation, shelter in place, lockdown and lockout.

Complement Your Emergency Plan

Every school needs a communication system to carry out safety plans. Telecenter's features – such as all page, hands-free intercom, automated announcements and tone distribution – enable administration to communicate with the entire facility. Discrete buttons for everyday and emergency calls, allows classroom teachers to communicate their need for assistance without tying them to a phone trying to get assistance.

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