MessageSystems, a Division of UC-Wireless, is the Sole Distributor and Representative office for Spok (Formerly known as Amcom Software and Commtech Wireless.) Spok is the leading developer of event-driven connectivity software and a manufacturer of middleware integration messaging systems, software & hardware.

Spok also offers Professional Services through MessageSystems to design solutions for specialised needs, especially where integration with many types of equipment is required. Global reach provides support for customers in key vertical markets.

Regardless of the mobile devices your staff uses or the systems infrastructure your business has adopted, MessageSystems has the technology to make them talk to each other.

The Solutions from MessageSystems are further complimented by systems that range from small applications to enterprise wide integrated solutions including Microwave, wireless and IP Links. The range includes telemetry and monitoring products plus messaging & communication systems from simple ‘push button’ systems through to countrywide communication networks.

All associated peripherals such as alarm boards, voice prompted telephone cards (IVR), transmitters and encoders are also available from MessageSystems.

Our installation base extends to over seven thousand (7000) sites across over 60 different countries, for major hotels & hospitals through to state wide emergency service networks.