The European Union has recognised the importance of this to remain ahead economically, so that business, tourism and quality of life all benefit in a mutually beneficial eco-system. The EU Smart Cities initiative aims to promote state-of-the-art, free Wi-Fi connectivity to enhance the quality of life for citizens and visitors in centres of community life such as parks, public buildings, libraries, health centres and museums throughout Europe.

Global Initiatives are being recognised in Africa and the Middle East for the same reasons and similar initiatives are being deployed in cities across the region. To help your cities meet the standards of tomorrow, today, we have a solution distribution approach that provides the most powerful solution for Smart City Wi-Fi.

Linkyfi, Distributed by UC-Wireless in Africa and the Middle East, is a powerful cloud-based solution which helps make a Smart City Wi-Fi deployment “citizen-centric”! Designed and Deployed in City Centres, Stadiums, Malls and Strip malls (High Street malls), Residential complexes, Universities, Colleges and Schools, Hotels, Convention Centres, Hospitals and Casinos – using many different Enterprise Wi-Fi solutions. (We can also supply, design and consult on) will deliver a World-class City or Town!

Ruckus Wireless is a Wireless Solution that is a Global Leader in Smart City Wi-Fi with many deployments. Ruckus and Linkyfi have a direct interoperability which amplifies the benefits of each solution when used together.

Linkyfi features:

  • Controlled Wi-Fi delivery
  • Management of Free and Paid Wi-Fi
  • Monetization of Wi-Fi and powerful geo-aware integrated features
  • Automatic Multi-Lingual support for tourists to feel welcome
  • Intelligent Analytics to improve citizen and tourism
  • Advertising and marketing intelligently integrated
  • Geo-Fenced analytics, Wi-Fi login / captive portal
  • Multi-tiered multi-venue and sub-venue analytics and Wi-Fi management
  • Live / Real-Time navigation and Location engine (a global leading solution)

The News of Global trends in Smart City deployments shows that UC-Wireless and Linkyfi (by AVSystem) have the Smartest solutions for your City.


Linkyfi turned out to be the best WiFi Marketing solution for our venue. Legia Warsaw Stadium can fit over 30 000 people and we wanted to be able to truly connect with them all. Linkyfi perfectly answered all of our needs including the possibility to carry out surveys during the game and significantly expand the coverage of our marketing activities.

Mariusz Wolski, Head of IT Departement, Legia Warsaw, Poland


Linkyfi provides us with a great range of marketing and commercial possibilities. Now we can fully connect to our customers, significantly increase their quality of experience and help them save a lot of time. Thanks to Linkyfi, we can truly call ourselves Europe’s trend-setting shopping mall.

Marek Ćwiek, Director of Posnania Shopping Mall, Poland

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Latin America Success Story

Telefonica chose AVSystem Linkyfi to be deployed in all its subsidiaries in Latin America.

Krakow, Poland – 17 January 2017 – Following numerous successful deployments at Telefonica’s subsidiaries, AVSystem Linkyfi was chosen by Telefonica Business Solutions as Telefonica’s default solution for Managed WiFi Services offered in entire Latin America operations.

Over the last couple of months, the number of Linkyfi deployments in Latin America has substantially grown. The Linkyfi platform – comprehensive WiFi access management solution created by AVSystem, was installed at a number of Telefonica’s biggest operating businesses. That included the largest shopping malls, food chains and other public venues handling thousands of users daily.

Not surprisingly when Telefonica, one of the largest telco groups in the world, started looking for a solution for managed WiFi at a global level, Linkyfi platform was at once considered to be one of the most adequate tools. Telefonica chose AVSystem’s solution because it significantly outpaced other products available on the market. Due to its great range of functionalities, providing both a WiFi management solution, data analytics, WiFi indoor location engine and a WiFi marketing platform – all in one – it will be used globally as Telefonica’s WiFi value-added service delivery platform. Its extreme flexibility, scalability and continuous support were essential to be deployed at all Telefonica’s subsidiaries.

Many years of cooperating with the largest telcos around the world enabled AVSystem to gain competence and knowledge – other factors appreciated by Telefonica during the evaluation phase.

“We are thrilled that Linkyfi is considered to be the best product for WiFi management, data analytics, indoor location and marketing by one of the largest Telco brands in the world” says Slawomir Wolf, AVSystem’s CEO. “Once again, our engineering-oriented approach has paid off. A secure and technically mature solution providing large flexibility and various tailor-made functionalities is exactly what Telefonica and other large Telcos expect their WiFi value-added service to look like.”

Linkyfi will be the default solution for all Telefonica projects and business operations regarding any WiFi related service. Linkyfi, as every product created by AVSystem, is truly vendor agnostic – supporting out of the box lots of WiFi access points brands including Ruckus Wireless, Meraki and Aruba.

Wi-Fi Next-Generation Location Engine Release

AVSystem releases next-generation Linkyfi Location Engine at Mobile World Congress 2017

Barcelona, Spain – 28 February 2017 – Today during the second day of Mobile World Congress 2017, AVSystem officially announced the release of the newest product in its WiFi VAS portfolio – Linkyfi Location Engine (LLE). This state-of-the-art product opens a new era of indoor location solution.

AVSystem’s Linkyfi Location Engine is an advanced software for indoor location and real-time navigation in all types of venues. The solution, built from scratch by AVSystem’s R&D, was designed to work as a stand-alone system with no third-parties involved. The real game changer is the shortest response time that enables a true real-time navigation. It also provides a navigation app that operates fully within a web browser without a need to install a dedicated app.

Linkyfi Location Engine combines all features of a standard real-time location system (RTLS), advanced analytics tool and indoor navigation solution. It collects directly from access points data about the WiFi end-devices RSSI in real-time. This enables to locate users with less than 2 seconds’ resolution time and it makes possible to precisely navigate them to the exact place of their wish. LLE is capable of collecting and analysing any amount of data, with no retention limits, used for advanced analytics and creating detailed heatmaps.

The solution introduced by AVSystem can operate with no calibration, but with calibration the engine gets even better results and the most precise data. The calibration process is very simple and can be run by anyone, no matter if they have any technical knowledge.

Moreover, LLE does not require any third parties’ involvement; all it needs to deliver top-notch indoor navigation and location services is the efficient number of APs providing WiFi access. It can be deployed autonomously and serve as a stand-alone system or work in synergy with AVSystem’s Linkyfi – a WiFi Management & Marketing Platform used worldwide by such operators as T-Mobile, Orange, Botswana Fibre Networks (Bofinet) and Telefonica Global.

AVSystem has already delivered its brand-new product to Netia, which is a Polish Tier 1 Operator. Using Linkyfi Location Engine and having AVSystem as its technology partner, Netia delivered a WiFi indoor navigation tool, based on LLE to Posnania Shopping Mall – one of the most innovative shopping centers in Poland. The successful deployment was officially announced at the end of January 2017.

Linkyfi and AVSystem’s Telco and IoT management solutions are Distributed in Africa and Middle East by UC-Wireless.

Ruckus Wireless Smart City Examples

City of San Jose Smart Ruckus Deployment

“Aside from being insanely fast, we now have a communications utility that adds immense economic value to our city and the services we can deliver over it.”

Vijay Sammeta CIO, City of San Jose

The City of San Jose on the Second Wave

City of Kiel Germany Ruckus Deployment

The City of Kiel offers its citizens public Wi-Fi and an innovative digital experience. Ruckus Wireless with partner ADDIX Internet Services use Kiel Week as the kick-off to the Smart City Kiel.

Smart City: Kiel, Germany

Ruckus Deployed Wi-Fi in Convention Centres

Fiera Milano

The Fiera Milano is the third largest exhibition centre in the world spanning more than 400,00 square meters of indoor and outdoor space and attracting 5 million visitors and 30,000 exhibitors each year. With 20 separate pavilions, the Fiera Milano hosts 50 exhibitions a year.

Fiera Milano and Wi-Fi Location Services

World Cup Stadiums Deployed Advanced Ruckus Wi-Fi

World Cup Stadiums, Brazil

The World Cup is the most popular sporting event in the world. In an effort to better prepare for this event and provide an even more compelling user experience, four stadiums were equipped with Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi networks.

  • Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro (76,000)
  • Estádio Nacional, Brasília-DF (71,000)
  • Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador (50,400)
  • Arena Pantanal, Cuaibá (43,600)