UC Wireless has brought together key products to improve healthcare outcomes for everyone. Staying in constant touch is the key to healthcare. Successful hospitals and healthcare facilities must respond to patients, physicians, nurses, and other staff members quickly and accurately.

RTLS in Healthcare

Find anyone, anything, any where at any time.

Healthcare and long-term care executives are constantly concerned with issues of safety concerning their facility, their staff and quality care for their patients. A Real-Time Locating System will allow you to efficiently manage your facility saving you time and money without sacrificing patient care.

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NEW! Introducing Versity from Spectralink

Versity - the savviest smartphone for your enterprise

Designed for the way you work, Versity allows you to manage tasks and teams easily, at the office or on the go. You get all the power, performance and functionality of an enterprise-grade device with the sleek look and feel of a personal smartphone.

For further information see our VERSITY Product Page

In the news

Having access to WiFi in a hospital means so much more than patients being able to update their Facebook statuses. The quality of clinical care in hospitals is intrinsically linked to how well nurses can do their jobs – and having fast and efficient WiFi in place is becoming increasingly important for that to happen.

Read what Wi-Fi can do for healthcare in this article. Accessing Wi-Fi in a hospital

Our Nomadix Solution for Healthcare

Healthcare facilities are ideal locations to deploy Internet access gateways - especially for waiting areas and patient rooms. The ability to connect can enhance the patient experience and minimize wasted time - it may even increase the number of people who make your establishment their preferred healthcare option. Nomadix guarantees a user-friendly experience and maintenance that requires no local IT expertise.

Hospital staffs use mobile devices for a variety of work-related tasks, such as accessing patient records or prescription orders. This makes Wi-Fi a necessity in medical environments. These establishments can also make Internet access available to patients and visitors, providing an additional revenue system. Nomadix also protects the internal network from external attacks, and keeps the IT infrastructure HIPAA compliant.

Medical centers and nursing homes have similar networking requirements to hospitals when deploying Wi-Fi, but with smaller budgets. Offering Internet access to patients and visitors through Nomadix creates an opportunity to increase revenue. As IT resources in these establishments are limited, Nomadix makes the service easy to manage while promising reliability and security.

Key Features:

  • Self-Service
  • Authentication Methods internet solutions for Healthcare
  • Post-Authentication Home-Page Redirection
  • Plug and Play internet solutions for Healthcare
  • Load-Balancing Module internet solutions for Healthcare
  • Pass-Through internet solutions for Healthcare
  • Routed-Subscriber Module internet solutions for Healthcare
  • XML Support internet solutions for Healthcare
  • Lawful Intercept internet solutions for Healthcare
  • VLAN Support internet solutions for Healthcare

Visit our Nomadix product page for more information.

Our Rauland Solution for Healthcare

Our Rauland offering consists of:

  • Responder Systems: Nurse call at its best
  • Fast, Direct Communication
  • Effortless Implementation
  • Integrated Systems
  • Simplified and Streamlined Workflow

For more information on Solutions for your organisation, please view our Rauland Healthcare Solutions page.

Rauland Products on offer:

  • Responder® 5
    • Delivering Speed and Simplicity in a complete nurse call system
  • Responder® 4000
    • For All Facility Types

For more product information, please view our Rauland products page.

Mobile Connect

Secure Texting. It's Not Brain Surgery.

Effective Communication

Spok® represents the communication backbone in the hospital—the central foundation all applications and resources access for reliable, consistent communication information. This solution connects with PBXs, nurse call systems, patient monitoring, clinical systems, and human resource systems to deliver key information to the right people on their device of choice. This includes smartphones, Wi-Fi phones, and other common devices

Create a peaceful, efficient environment

Clear and secure communication eliminates the need for overhead paging, reducing noise and patient stress while strengthening the patient-caregiver connection.

Quickly share critical patient information

Using Spectralink Reach, the integration of the nurse call system with Spectralink wireless devices allows for immediate response to patients, increasing both patient and nurse satisfaction.

Stay notified

Diagnostic alerts with Spectralink Notify at your fingertips that integrate with patient monitoring systems to deliver critical information for immediate decisions.

Ensure staff safety

With Spectralink Safe personal security alarms protect mobile staff in all cases of duress or emergency and integrate with lone-worker security systems.

Rauland Responder

Rauland Responder makes it easier for you to deliver the highest quality patient care. Responder is a nurse call system that provides real benefits to caregivers.

There are various solutions available. View our Rauland Healthcare Solutions for all the nurse call responder solutions.

Our AVSystem - Linkyfi Solution for Healthcare

Access to Wi-Fi in hospitals is becoming a key requirement.

Many people bedridden for a few days need to remain in contact when they have not yet been able to be discharged and still want to be productive. This goes way beyond the requirement to provide a little public Wi-Fi in the coffee shop at a hospital.

WiFi is a further key platform required for critical healthcare communications from Wi-Fi Telephony with solutions such as Spectralink and integrated healthcare workflow and Nurse call solutions such as Rauland. Doctors need access to medical records as do day to day healthcare staff.

View our AVSystem page or our Linkyfi page for more information

Healthy wi-fi

Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities face exploding demand for Wi-Fi, whether to meet the needs of healthcare workers with smartphones or to connect the multitude of medical devices that increasingly are networked over Wi-Fi to provide real time monitoring, precise locating and support patient centered workflows.

Wi-Fi enables fast access to electronic patient records, improves staff communication, and speeds up delivery of medical images. In addition, guest Wi-Fi access can be extended to visitors in lobbies and waiting rooms.

With lots of mobile users, thick walls and innumerable electrical devices, healthcare environments need a smart solution. UC Wireless ZoneFlex Smart Wireless LAN (WLAN) systems with adaptive antenna arrays to provide the best possible connection even in the most difficult conditions.

UC Wireless Solutions for the Healthcare Market

So you need Wi-Fi?

You simply have to view these videos to understand how UC-Wireless will fix your Wi-Fi for good!