Wi-Fi in Schools, Colleges and Universities

In today's school and campus environment, efficient communication is more crucial than ever. Safety and security has become as important as effective education programmes. UC Wireless has developed integrated solutions that will take care of all the communication needs with any educational institution.

NEW: UC-Wireless Wi-Fi Solutions for Education Deliver more Value now than before!

UC-Wireless have launched their Cloud Controller Service: UC-Ruckus.com in July 2015 - specially designed for Education for more reliability, cost-effectiveness and functionality.

Wi-Fi is faced with growing challenges in delivering high-performance and reliable WiFi. The Ruckus UC-Wireless Cloud Service answers this challenge and offers great value for money. UC-Wireless offers the Ultimate in Virtualised WLAN Management for Education

The industry’s first solution for Wi-Fi which provides faster time-to-market, increased service agility, and a lower TCO – all available from UC-Wireless.

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Our Nomadix solution for Education

Education has specialized needs for public Internet access. Academic campuses demand high levels of connectivity for public access and internal networks, thereby requiring stringent control and management capabilities for usage and bandwidth.

Both wired and wireless Internet connections are expected by students, faculty and visitors institution-wide, in buildings such as labs, libraries, and residence halls. Providing public access to a broad range of stakeholders can easily be turned into a steady revenue stream.

Key Features:

  • Guest Network Separation from Education
  • Captive Portal internet solutions for Education
  • Gateway Authentication internet solutions for Education
  • BYOD internet solutions for Education
  • Bandwidth Management internet solutions for Education
  • T&C's internet solutions for Education
  • Home-Page Redirect internet solutions for Education
  • Plug and Play internet solutions for Education
  • Walled Garden internet solutions for Education
  • Reliable internet solutions for Education
  • Analytics internet solutions for Education

Visit our Nomadix Product page for more details.

Rauland Education Solutions

UC-Wireless partners with Rauland to bring you various solution for your education institution.

We offer solutions including

  • VoIP communications,
  • mass notification,
  • time synchronisation and
  • school safety.

These solutions are suitable for School, TVET, Universities, Conference Rooms, Exhibition Venues and anywhere an intercom / emergency alert / wide area broadcast communication solution is required.

Please view our Rauland Product page for more details.

Please view our Rauland Education Solutions page for more details.

UC Wireless Solutions for Education Institutions

  • Education environments require many simultaneous high performance connections to the wireless LAN. This is called high-density Wi-Fi and Ruckus (ZoneFlex) is perfectly suited to these applications. One of its many patented features which actually follows each wireless device to maximise its signal strength (which translates to speed) is Ruckus BeamFlex for these and many other key patented benefits of Ruckus. Ruckus should be your chosen Wi-Fi platform for Education. For this reason UC Wireless has been chosen by many Educational Institutions to deliver their Wi-Fi.

  • In schools, colleges and universities staff are always mobile. Spectralink Wi-Fi 84-series mobile telephones allow educators to be contactable on a personal extension of the PABX wherever they are. The Spectralink 8440 telephone, distributed by UC Wireless throughout Africa, is typically the Wi-Fi phone that will be used over the Ruckus network on site. The Spectralink 8400 series phones all support PTT groups (push-to-talk two-way radio type communication and paging) over Wi-Fi which allows all users to communicate in a group.

  • On-site messaging and event monitoring is made possible by Spok® Fusion Middleware (Integration to Education systems / Portal). Through integration to back-office systems, key alerts about transactions or events or simply urgent messaging to all staff members on site is quick and efficient.

Top Class Wi-Fi

Schools, colleges and universities are all challenged to move up to higher-speed, more reliable Wi-Fi. They want strong security, killer coverage, and connections that don't drop. They also need Wi-Fi to go to places where no Ethernet cabling has gone before, such as common areas, temporary classrooms, on-campus housing, and every corner of the school grounds and campus. But for most educational institutions, tighter budgets and busy IT staff make the transition impossible.

Fortunately, Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi provides the technology that gives education institutions a cost-effective wireless infrastructure that's in a class by itself. Ruckus BeamFlex technology uses a high gain adaptive antenna array that monitors the environment and automatically finds the best signal path to each client. It provides robust, complete coverage and summa-cum-laude performance—at an affordable price.

Lamar University Gets Smart About Wi-Fi

Better Wi-Fi in Education

Staff and Student Safety and Communication

Education today faces major changes as primary, secondary, and tertiary educators address global opportunities, challenges, and needs. Your education institution must develop students as global citizens. It must also meet organisational imperatives to operate more efficiently and deliver programs that attract talented students and faculty from throughout the world.

New mandates such as digital textbooks and 1:1 initiatives require entire classes to concurrently get online to view material, collaborate on projects and present their work. Schools need strong security, full coverage, and consistent connections even when entire classes start sending videos at the same time.

With secure, easy-to-use automation applications link campus/school telephone systems, school scheduling applications, and notification systems in a common platform, driven by a single, dynamically updated database.


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UC Wireless Security Solutions:

  • Finding the Exact Location of 911 Callers on Campus With Enhanced 911
  • Notifying the right people of emergency events
  • Supporting Campus Security and Police
  • Leveraging SMS Technology to Communicate with Campus Police
  • Enabling Call Center Efficiency

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