Machine Uptime and Higher Guest Service equals
Continued Guest Play, and Increased Loyalty and Revenue

Your business thrives when guest requests and down machines are handled swiftly. Deliver the ultimate guest experience by sending specific location information on machine alerts, guest requests, and other time-sensitive messages right to the appropriate on-duty staff member’s mobile device for assistance.

Examples include:

  • Machine error alerts such as bill validation or TITO (ticket in, ticket out) malfunctions
  • Routine machine maintenance
  • Guest requests for drinks, change
  • VIP arrivals needing assistance
  • Jackpot verification and payment requests

Evaluate staff efficiency by reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as acknowledgement and duration of each call. If a machine is down for two minutes instead of 15, your revenue can see improvements. Automatic escalation can notify the next-available attendant or management of service items still pending in the queue.

Send messages and alerts from a variety of systems to mobile staff:

  • Gaming systems
  • Building management systems
  • Lodging management systems
  • Fire alarms
  • Security alarms
  • Much more

Maintain Guest and Staff Security

One security incident can cost your casino thousands of dollars. Provide a high level of safety to guests through enhanced 911 (E911). In cases where a guest dials 911 from a multi-building or multi-floor property, the local 911 call center will receive the caller's exact location. You can also provide emergency calls to all hotel rooms or individual departments—or leverage group messaging via SMS (text) for important notifications.

Call Center Management

Enable your call center team to handle calls faster and more professionally with an operator console. You can also use speech recognition to handle transfers and simple requests, reducing dial zero calls and freeing operators for more in-depth assistance.

Our AVSystem - Linkyfi solution for Casino and Gaming

To make your Casino and Gaming venue more attractive to your guests, you may offer them the option of ordering meals or other services directly via Linkyfi platform. On the login page, they may also be presented with Casino regulations, special discounts on services or information about the latest events happening in your venue.

It is up to you what kind of information will be displayed to your guests. Furthermore, Linkyfi offers you its premium service of indoor location for your venue, which may help you navigate your guests around the Casino/Gaming complex and indicate the location of such places as events, gaming competitions, restaurants or the closest available parking space.

Here these venues can seamlessly use this to gather statistics and marketing information about the use of their facilities, how many patrons are using different areas, the most popular routes that patrons take through the casino and the time they spend plus the ability to market and form a database of users who may not be know patrons to the casino, however if they are, the information further adds to the gaming profile information about patrons.

Last but not least, at the end of your client’s stay, you may ask them to rate your services via Linkyfi’s customer satisfaction survey.

View our AVSystem page or our Linkyfi page for more information

UC Wireless Solutions for Casino and Gaming

So you need Wi-Fi?

You simply have to view these videos to understand how UC-Wireless will fix your Wi-Fi for good!