UC-Wireless provides solutions to delivering outstanding customer service for a rewarding guest experience which is critical for the survival of a hotel or resort.

UC Wireless has brought together key products to improve healthcare outcomes for everyone. Staying in constant touch is the key to healthcare.

UC Wireless solutions ensure your customers get the service and satisfaction they deserve by being in constant contact on the sales floor.

In today's school and campus environment, efficient communication is more crucial than ever either for teaching or administration.

The concept of a Smart City is one where modern innovative technology is making a difference in the lives of people. This includes those living in the city and the many visitors from different cities and countries.

In large warehouses, getting wireless to function as it's supposed to can be next to impossible. UC Wireless has the solution.

Deliver the ultimate guest experience with UC Wireless' solution for your Gaming and Casino Establishment.

The remote location of mining sites and the urgency of communications in emergency situations create a unique and challenging communication environment.

Uptime and efficiency around the clock. Improve overall manufacturing and production plant efficiency and productivity.

Our unique solutions integrate wireless systems with production monitoring equipment so communications are streamlined throughout the facility.

Public Safety responders rely on radio communications systems to carry out their mission of protecting our communities.