Wireless Messaging Made Easier

Spok Fusion critical alerting solution connects information from third-party systems to mobile staff using wireless communication devices. The SpokFusion series consists of seven independent modules, which can be combined as required to create an extremely powerful wireless messaging solution for organisations with small to medium sized messaging requirements.

Spok Fusion gives organisations the ability to send messages to the right people based on pre-defined rules suited to the needs of the facility. This includes the ability to configure escalated communication paths whenever necessary. It also means you can manage devices easily and allocate staff appropriately to further maximise efficiencies within your working environment. Ultimately, the ability to reach mobile team members within seconds improves overall workflow, staff productivity, and the comfort and safety of everyone in your facility.

The Spok Fusion series is both cost-effective and cutting edge. This wireless messaging solution has been designed to provide core functionality required for the wider market, but without the additional expense associated with implementation of an enterprise-grade application.

Key Benefits

  • Cost-effective, modular approach to wireless messaging
  • Designed for ease of use — simple, clean, elegant Web client
  • Available in stackable plastic or industrial 19” rack-mount design
  • IP, serial (RS232 or 485) or wired connectivity
  • Global certifications for interoperability with multiple third-party systems
  • Remote administration and support capability
  • Global product — multilingual capability
  • Fully backward compatible with the Spok Messenger enterprise messaging suite and Reporting Module

UC-Wireless uses the following Spok Fusion (formerly known as Amcom Fusion Middleware) products in their integrated wireless solutions:

  • EMM – Event Management Module (Entry Firmware Model)
  • CMM – Cellular Messaging Module (GSM SMS)
  • TIM – Telephone Interface Module (DTMF)
  • ADM – Alarm Dispatch Module (Digital Inputs)
  • IntelPageIP – IP Wireless Paging Transmitter Modules
  • IntelPage – Wireless Paging Transmitter Modules

UC-Wireless Specialised Distribution of Complete Solutions

All products distributed are inter-operable, providing complete solutions with powerful upgradeable seamlessly integrated capability