Help Your Operator Services Team Improve Caller Service

Whether you’re managing a hospital call center or providing service to callers across a range of industries, Spok’s suite of contact center solutions enables operators to connect staff and external callers in a way that is accurate, fast, reliable, and professional.

Operator Console - intelliDesk

Direct operators through important tasks with easy-to-use screens that include all the necessary information to process communications efficiently.

Increase Operator Productivity and get rid of the binders with an Intuitive Operator Console

Your call center or operator services group is likely looking for ways to handle rising call volumes while providing high-quality caller service.

Using an Advanced Operator Console for Fast Call Processing

Provide operators with the information needed to process calls using their computers, with just a few keystrokes. Operators can quickly and accurately look up staff and launch code calls, as well as message and page to individuals, groups, and roles.

Why It’s Effective

  • Simplifies the call-taking process to handle higher call volumes with fewer resources
  • Simplifies the consult process to connect patients with the physicians they need to see
  • Generates revenue by providing answering services to outside physicians or groups
  • Reduces costs by centralizing call center operations

Web-Based Directory - intelliWeb

Keep personnel information current by allowing qualified users to log on and make important updates, manage scheduling, send messages, and find others.

Simplify the Management of Contact Details, Schedules, and Messaging With Business Directory Software

When personnel and schedule information is inaccurate or not readily accessible, critical messages can go to the wrong person or to the wrong place—an office phone instead of a smartphone. At best, this is inefficient. At worst, this may be life threatening if communications do not go through, as in the case of hospital paging.

Make Employee Contact Information More Accessible

Enable staff to log on anywhere, anytime to perform a variety of important updates to contact information and on-call schedules, search the directory, and send important messages.

Why It’s Effective

  • Reduces reliance on the operator group with self-service options to find staff and update on-call schedules
  • Eliminates the need for costly printed directories
  • Enables password-protected staff access

UC-Wireless Specialised Distribution of Complete Solutions

All products distributed are inter-operable, providing complete solutions with powerful upgradeable seamlessly integrated capability