Solving the ever-increasing issue of safety in the workplace.

Staff safety is always a priority, especially for mobile workers dealing with the public, or handling money. Whether in healthcare, retail, or manufacturing—your staff may find itself in unpredictable situations, often alone. With Spectralink SAFE, you can be ensured the help they need is available any time of day, or night.

Available on select models of our DECT and Wi-Fi phones, Spectralink SAFE integrates into existing mobile communications infrastructure to detect situations where a worker may be in danger or need assistance. On the go, unable to move, or even incapacitated—Spectralink SAFE enables lone, mobile workers to quickly summon help, and offers security.

How Spectralink SAFE can help

  • Duress/Panic Button
    If invoked, an automatic alarm call is triggered and notification is sent to a monitoring application.
  • Tear-off String
    If the tear-off string is detached from handset, an automatic alarm call is triggered.
  • “Running” Notification
    If the handset detects a user is running to an emergency or from a risky situation an alarm is triggered.
  • Tilt Notification
    If the handset is tilted from its usual position due to an emergency, a notification will be triggered.
  • “No Movement” Notification
    If the handset remains stationary, an alarm will indicate the user is no longer moving and an incident has occurred.


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