Direct access — from bedside to caregiver.

For immediate nurse response, and more satisfied patients.

Spectralink REACH brings together nurse call systems and wireless handsets to deliver alerts to mobile staff from any in-building location. This direct access allows nurses to answer patient calls without walking back to the nurse station or the patient’s room. Spectralink REACH eliminates wasted time and steps on the path to the most efficient care, reducing stress for patients and caregivers and creating more peaceful healing environments.

Available on select models of our DECT and Wi-Fi handsets, Spectralink REACH works efficiently within existing healthcare mobile communications networks. And, because it resides on established networks, it allows for easy deployment and management. Spectralink REACH also includes familiar ring tones, available only on Rauland-Borg’s Responder® 5 Direct Connect nurse call solution. These unique tones help fight alarm fatigue for caregivers so they can prioritize responses—ensuring a constant connection to patient needs.

How Spectralink REACH improves patient care and satisfaction

  • Peace of Mind
    Assure caregivers they have a constant connection to patient needs, from any in-building location
  • Direct Nurse Call
    Allow patients to communicate directly to caregivers on the move, with a single touch directly from bedside
  • Fight Alarm Fatigue
    Unique ring tones to prioritize response
  • Seamless Integration
    Get even more out of existing nurse call systems with the addition of mobile handsets so patients can reach mobile caregivers quickly
  • Eliminate Overhead Paging
    Direct nurse communications means less overhead paging—for a more peaceful healing environment


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