Wherever you are—critical information at your fingertips

As a mobile healthcare worker, finding balance is important.

From tending to patient needs to checking on a patient’s status or receiving test results, juggling can be difficult. But what if you didn’t have to choose between caring for a patient and checking whether labs were ready? What if a critical patient alert could find you, and not the other way around? With Spectralink NOTIFY, alerts and alarms are delivered directly to your Spectralink handset so you can concentrate on providing the best patient care possible and, at the same time, have the confidence that important information gets to you—wherever you are in the building.

Available on DECT and Wi-Fi devices, Spectralink NOTIFY integrates into your existing wireless infrastructure to tie together the Spectralink handsets with leading middleware vendors and patient monitoring applications. This integration allows caregivers to make immediate, yet informed, decisions and quickly consult with experts from a wireless handset anywhere in the building. This solution even allows alarm prioritization to help caregivers reduce footsteps, manage alarm fatigue and prioritize responses.

How Spectralink NOTIFY expedites response

  • Informed Mobility
    Assure caregivers have a constant connection to critical patient information, from any in-building location, to save time and unnecessary steps
  • Seamless Integration
    Assured interoperability with patient monitoring systems and middleware, to deliver critical alerts to caregivers’ mobile Spectralink handsets
  • Maintain Activity Log and Monitor Service Quality
    Record and archive data to create a holistic view of your teams’ service quality. Quickly accept or escalate issues with a single touch of a button to ensure best practices
  • Promote Peaceful Healing Environment
    Replace disruptive overhead pages with unobtrusive mobile alerts


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