Previously known as KIRK Wireless Server 8000

Spectralink DECT Server 8000. KIRK Wireless Server 8000

The Spectralink DECT Server 8000 is an extremely scalable solution which makes it an ideal choice for medium-sized to large businesses and large enterprises. Businesses that need radio coverage over a large geographical area or on multiple locations or that need to equip a large number of mobile employees with wireless telephony can benefit from the Spectralink DECT Server 8000 solution, which supports up to 4,095 wireless users and up to 1,024 simultaneous calls.

With the possibility of a combined analog and VoIP interface, the Spectralink DECT Server 8000 solution provides seamless migration that can be carried out completely or stepwise in accordance with changes in business needs.

A flexible web GUI (Graphical User Interface) management program provides a range of service facilities such as e-mail reports and analyzing tools which ensures a smooth running system and a high ROI as visits on site are reduced.

Features and Benefits

  • Future-proof as the modular and scalable design ensures that the solution matches your needs at all times
  • Hot plug for easy replacement of interface cards while system is running
  • Automatic cable measurement for straightforward installation
  • Reduces the number of on-site service visits via service facilities such as management reports and analyzing tools
  • Low power consumption fosters a greener environment and reduces costs


When business grows, the Spectralink DECT Server 8000 can easily be expanded without having to invest in a new solution. Furthermore, VoIP migration can be carried out stepwise over time—and without any additional software and administration requirements involved.

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