Ruggedized, application-enabled handsets for healthcare

Spectralink 7742 Handset.

The Spectralink 7742 handset is a robust and application-enabled handset designed especially for the healthcare. The handsets are dust protected and resistant to splashing water, vibrations and shocks. The Spectralink 7742 handset is disinfectant-resistant and has a membrane keypad for easy cleaning to avoid the spread of bacteria. With the expanded safety features, the Spectralink 7742 handset is ideal for personnel within psychiatry, where personal safety might be at risk.

Features and Benefits

  • Large color icons with customizable text messaging
  • IP64-classified (dust tight and water splash proof)
  • Disinfectant resistant and membrane keypad
  • Extended safety features such as movement detectors, alarm key and tear-off string
  • Bluetooth headset connection


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