Sagittar 300Mbps 5.8GHz License-exempt Band Microwave Radios

These Digital Microwave Radios (DMR) operate in the 5.8GHz ISM band with +20dBm (Standard Power).

The SGT-LTN58 radios offer:

  • Up to 300Mbps user data throughput
  • 5.8GHz ISM Band operation
  • 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet transmission, selectable traffic capacity
  • Various interfaces including NxE1 (N up to 20), 4xGE, STM-1
  • Low latency <200 micro sec for 300Mbps throughput
  • FDD contributes to higher transmission efficiency
  • Exceptionally high link performance and reliability in extreme conditions
  • Rapid, simple installation by semi-skilled labour with plug-and-play software
  • Easy-to-configure and high product flexibility
  • Lowest lifetime cost of ownership
  • Unsurpassed price/performance ratio

A complete radio link is supplied. The solution is available as All-Outdoor Units or as split Indoor/Outdoor Units.

The Indoor unit power is supplied using -48VDC. The IDU will in-turn provide power to the Outdoor unit through an "IF" coaxial cable that interconnects the IDU and the ODU. The All-Outdoor Unit is supplied with 48VDC PoE.

UC-Wireless Specialised Distribution of Complete Solutions

All products distributed are inter-operable, providing complete solutions with powerful upgradeable seamlessly integrated capability