Sagittar PDH Digital Microwave Radios

These PDH Digital Microwave Radios (DMR) operate in the 6, 7, 8, 13, 15, 18, 23GHz ITU bands.

A complete radio link is supplied in a 32kg box, which includes 2 x Indoor Units, 2 x Outdoor Units, installation materials (including coaxial "flyleads" for connections within the equipment container) and an earthing kit for both sides of the digital microwave radio link.

The customer will normally purchase RG213 (or an equivalent 50 Ohm coaxial cable) in the country where the digital microwave links are to be installed. Use of RG213 will allow up to 300m distance between an Indoor and Outdoor Unit. The length of the "IF Cable" needed will depend on the distance between the installation of the Indoor Unit (IDU) and the Outdoor Unit (ODU). Often, the IDU will be installed in an equipment container and the ODU will be installed close to the top of a mast or tower. If the area where the links will be installed is a lightning-prone environment, then an "entry panel" lightning protector will be mounted at the entry panel of the equipment container. The entry panel, being metal, is earthed, so that lightning-induced pulses will be "diverted to earth", rather than damage the equipment within the container via the IF cable.

The Indoor unit power is supplied using -48VDC. The IDU will in-turn provide power to the Outdoor unit through a "IF" coaxial cable that interconnects the IDU and the ODU.

The Indoor Units are fitted with Service Cards (SC's). The photo below shows a FESC on the left and an 8E1SC on the right.

The four SC slots are located on the left-hand-side of the IDU. The PDH Digital Microwave Radios can be fitted with up to four (4) service cards. A combination of 8E1SC and FESC's can be fitted in the service card slots of an IDU. An 8E1SC will allow transmission of 8E1's. A FESC has 2 FE (Fast Ethernet) ports which operate in a switch mode.

The Indoor Unit also has two modem slots on the right-hand side: QPSK, 16QAM or 128QAM modem cards can be fitted. If required, 2 modem cards can be fitted to allow 1+1 Hot Standby Protection or 1+1 Diversity. If two modem cards are used, each modem card can be independently powered, to allow DC-power protection.

Each IDU has an Ethernet NMS (Network Management System) port, that allows the microwave radio links to be managed using Out-of-Band SNMP (this affords an additional level of security). Sagittar can supply a NMS solution, where Castlerock's SNMPc application software is customised to emulate the IDU front panels for a network of radio terminals.

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