Carrier-class 2.4/5GHz 802.11n Access Point with an integrated 30º narrow beam antenna for unprecedented performance in high-density applications

The Ruckus ZoneFlex™ 7782-N is the industry’s first 802.11n outdoor access point featuring a 30° narrow beam antenna array along with BeamFlex™ technology to deliver additional signal gain. The ZF 7782-N was specifically designed to address the needs of very high-density deployments such as would be found around stadiums, arenas, airports, etc. These venues are characterized by tens of thousands of people in close proximity to each other and most are carrying mobile data devices of some sort. These are amongst the most challenging wireless environments imaginable and are ideally suited to Wi-Fi technology.

High-density best practices usually call for a large number of AP's to get the needed capacity, but care must be taken to limit co-channel interference. The narrow beam antenna in the ZF 7782-N is able to focus RF energy into a specific area, which greatly reduces the opportunity for interference and increases network performance.

The ZF 7782-N also features a very minimal form factor with integrated antennas which is essential in many deployments including light poles (aka street furniture) in major metro areas. These are great locations for outdoor AP deployment, but the entity that owns the poles will usually require that any AP be as unobtrusive as possible. The ZF 7782-N in one of the most compact units in the industry.

Other key ZF 7782-N capabilities include support for up to 500 concurrent users, integrated GPS receiver for location based services, continuous spectrum analysis, hotspot 2.0 support for seamless roaming, SmartMesh™ wireless backhaul, ChannelFly™ support, PoE-out to power collocated small cells and much more.

The ZoneFlex 7782-N can be deployed as a standalone AP and managed individually, or centrally managed by the ZoneDirector™ WLAN controller or through the SmartCell Gateway™ 200, which also provides connectivity into the mobile packet core.


Integrated BeamFlex Narrow Beam Antenna Technology

  • 30° narrow beam antenna for very high-density deployments in arenas, stadiums, airports, etc.
  • 15 dB of interference mitigation with BeamFlex
  • SmartMesh support for wireless backhaul in outdoor deployments on street furniture
  • The antenna is integrated into the ZF 7782-N for a minimal form factor, which is essential in many deployments

Ideal for High-density locations and point-to-point applications

  • A narrow beam antenna provides very high performance point-to-point connectivity over extended distances
  • Narrow beam antennas are also ideal for high-density venues where RF energy must be very narrowly focused
  • Ideal for applications that require SmartMesh backhaul over 5 Ghz Wi-Fi

Hardened enclosure for harsh outdoor environments

  • IP-67 water and dust proof plastic enclosure with flexible wall, pole or ceiling mounting options ensures that no distortion of WiFi signals is introduced
  • AC power standard along with power-over-Ethernet. PoE-out is also provided for collocated small cells

True Plug-And Play Multimedia Wireless LAN (WLAN) with Unmatched Ease of Use

  • Quality of Service technology provides 4 queues per client station
  • BeamFlex and Quality of Service technology deliver 600 Mbps of user throughput (300 Mbps/radio)
  • Self optimizing network support via ChannelFly
  • Managed via the ZoneDirector or the SmartCell Gateway 200, which also provides support for integration into the mobile packet core.


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