Patented Ruckus technologies combine to streamline the provisioning, authentication, security and troubleshooting of client devices.

ZoneConnect leverages patented Ruckus Zero-IT Activation™, Dynamic PSK™ (pre-shared key), and SpeedFlex™ technologies to eliminate tedious user complexity while simplifying the administration and troubleshooting of Wi-Fi-enabled smart phones and tablet devices.

Zero-IT Activation provides ease-of-use device provisioning for configuration parameters while Dynamic PSK automates the creation of per-user encryption keys that can be easily distributed using the Zero-IT framework.

SpeedFlex is a unique wireless performance tool integrated within the ZoneDirector™ family of centralized controllers that measures the real-time Wi-Fi link performance and packet loss of associated wireless LAN (WLAN) clients.

ZoneConnect is supported on a wide range of smart devices including Apple iPads and iPhones, Android OS, Windows Mobile, and Windows CE platforms. With ZoneConnect, IT staff can now automatically provision wireless device settings (such as SSIDs and unique pre-shared keys) on mobile devices along with provisioning other wireless authentication and security parameters (such as 802.1X supplicants and certificates).

Features and Benefits

  • Zero touch wireless configuration for laptops and smart mobile devices
  • Robust security simplified
  • Support for iPad/iPhone, Android platforms, Mac OS/X, Windows XP, Vista and 7 and Mobile/CE
  • Highly secure, simple to deploy and maintain
  • Simplifies and automates securing new smart mobile handheld devices
  • Unique Dynamic Pre-Shared 63-byte encryption keys generated and automatically installed per device upon successful authentication
  • Easily deactivated when employee or student leaves
  • New keys can be generated on-demand
  • Supported by all devices that are WPA compliant
  • Simple batch configuration of Dynamic PSK keys for easier maintenance of multiple devices
  • Remote and local testing of Wi-Fi client performance using smart mobile devices with SpeedFlex
  • At-a-glance speedometer relays Wi-Fi link performance to any given client
  • Easy troubleshooting and monitoring of network-wide Wi-Fi client performance
  • Increased IT productivity from the ability to centrally test remote Wi-Fi client performance
  • Easier and faster resolution of client problems
  • Distinguish and isolate wired vs. wireless performance problems
  • More accurate characterization of Wi-Fi performance and capacity without expensive tools

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