One of the First Intelligent Indoor 802.11 Meshing for Building Low-Cost, High-Performance, Ultra-Reliable Wireless LANs.

Think about it: you typically have to run wires to access points to enable a wireless LAN (WLAN). That didn’t sound right to us, either. So we developed our unique SmartMesh Networking approach.

With SmartMesh Networking, you reduce cumbersome RF planning and costly cable backhaul, as Ethernet wiring is no longer needed to connect to individual access points. Enterprise WLAN deployment becomes dramatically faster, simpler, and less costly, as access points are simply plugged into any convenient power source. No extensive RF site surveys, cable runs, configuration, or optimization adjustments are required.

SmartMesh Networking is one of the first Wi-Fi meshing approach that combines high-gain smart antenna arrays, sophisticated RF routing, and centralized management in a single WLAN system. And it extends Smart Wi-Fi technology to create a new class of reliable WLANs that are self-organizing, self-optimizing, and self-healing.

SmartMesh Networking

  • Offers high performance, by combining 802.11n with Smart Wi-Fi technology
  • Provides reliable connectivity between mesh nodes, using best path selection and interference mitigation techniques
  • Adapts in real time to environmental changes, ensuring highly-reliable and available wireless trunk links. ChannelFly, Ruckus’ novel approach to channel selection, improves capacity by up to 50 percent
  • Utilizes efficient “tree” topology that minimizes convergence risks and latency, while maximizing performance
  • Features easy, one-click setup and one-screen management
  • Half the time, half the cost, three times the performance

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