WiFi is faced with growing challenges in delivering high-performance and reliable WiFi.

The UC-Wireless Cloud Solution utilising Ruckus virtualized WLAN controller technology meets these demands. Networks can now be centrally managed anywhere in world making it perfect for Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail and chain stores and Residential complexes such as townhouses, student res etc. – practically anywhere that needs enterprise or carrier-class Wi-Fi. This provides a solution that maximizes the efficiency provided by this service from a single access point to 1000s of APs across multiple sites.

UC-Wireless’ Virtual Controller for Carrier-Class WLAN Management in the Cloud: UC-Ruckus.com

UC-Wireless provides one of the first multi-tenant Ruckus virtual (Cloud) Wi-Fi controllers available! UC-Wireless Cloud supports performance scalability, supporting unlimited* access points with minimal bandwidth used by the service to manage client-site Ruckus Access Points.

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The EASIEST Way to deploy Enterprise Class, High Density, High Throughput, reliable Wi-Fi for typical multi-site applications such e-learning across national education sites (TVETs, University Res or Schools) or hotels, hospitals etc. Solution Simplicity: Simply deploy the required Access Points (allowing flexibility) and the UC-Wireless Cloud Service from UC-Ruckus.com (which is basically a SaaS or better still WaaS) will provide each site with their “own” virtual controller, also providing dual redundancy, guaranteed availability, and no fuss with hardware setup or hardware reliability or even possible failure.

How does one acquire Wi-Fi this way?

Easy: A site will receive our designed solution customised for its coverage, capacity, throughput and density requirements, which will be guaranteed (i.e. we guarantee the solutions we design and deploy through our range of partners in different vertical markets and We Benefit for Education).

Each site will then purchase the controller service portion suited to the number of Access Points, and can mix and match the Ruckus (APs) required for the site. In addition, the monthly or annual service is billed and the rest UC-Wireless Cloud takes care of. The partner supplying the solution and the end-client will have access to its “own” controller and settings that it may want to change/ manage, just like a controller on-site, but without the physical hardware burdens or risks, not to mention that UC-Wireless Cloud is dual redundant.

In addition, the solution now provides greatly improved central management ability with better reporting and monitoring and network performance management – all over a web nterface in the cloud!

If you have Ruckus APs already?

If a site already has Ruckus APs (provided these are not too old) then one can use the UC-Wireless Cloud on existing APs. Sign up with us and you have your access points on a properly managed cloud controller.

If the site had a Ruckus Zone Director (older generation) hardware controller, we will migrate these solutions to the UC-Ruckus.com solution and the annual Ruckus Licensing, which will now include a cloud license portion is very similar in most cases to the cost of the annual license on the Zone Director, sometime even cheaper, because we license only the APs that the sites require. Contact UC-Wireless if you or your clients have a legacy Zone Director and rid yourself of the worry of a hardware controller failing or becoming end-of-life because UC-Ruckus.com will now provide you with the latest Ruckus firmware on your APs without all the hassle for an annual license on a per-AP basis. It could not be easier!

Grow your Wi-Fi as budget allows

The UC-Ruckus.com service offering is available from as little as 1 AP to as many as you need. You only need 1 Service Contract no matter how many sites you have and how many APs you have. Many clients now add multiple national / continental sites one at a time as they expand and have easy visibility over their Wi-Fi without the hassle.

UC- Ruckus.com Cloud Service offers value for money.

The UC-Wireless Carrier-Class Cloud Service supports all of the WLAN controller features of the industry-leading Ruckus controller, while enabling UC-Wireless to more cost-effectively build scalable and resilient WLAN services. This will work worldwide with all** Ruckus Indoor and Outdoor APs.

Wi-Fi Requires Faster Time-to-Market, Increased Service Agility, and a Lower TCO – UC-Ruckus.com Answers the Call!

Unlike controller-less cloud alternatives that require service providers to relinquish WLAN management to third-party cloud services not under their control, the Ruckus UC-Wireless Cloud Service gives organizations such as educational organisations, hotel chains, hospital groups, retail properties and franchise / chain stores and super markets complete control over their cloud-based WLAN service offerings, empowering them to have a highly scalable and flexible Wi-Fi network with access to their “own” virtual controller supported by their UC-Wireless’ service level agreements – all from as little as 1 AP per site!

UC-Wireless offers the Ultimate in Virtualised WLAN Management

The Ruckus Virtualised Controller supplied by UC-Ruckus.com was designed from the beginning for carrier-class deployments. In addition to being highly scalable, reliable, and easily manageable, the Service also supports the value added cutting-edge globally delivered Wi-Fi Analytics, Business Intelligence, Location based services (LBS), Wi-Fi Navigation, Proximity Marketing, Guest Wi-Fi management with Property Management Integration (PMS) and much more through the Linkyfi Solution, also Distributed by UC-Wireless in Middle East and Africa.

Cost Advantage

In addition to being relieved of the headache of managing a hardware controller multiple sites, especially where these may be more remote so that if a failure occurred it would be costly to deliver a replacement controller, the costing per Access Point provides a much more efficient cost than controllers that require bundles of licenses.

Note: *up to 30000 APs and 300000 Wi-Fi clients per system.
** some of the older EOL APs are not supported – enquire about your AP Models to confirm.

UC-Wireless Specialised Distribution of Complete Solutions

All products distributed are inter-operable, providing complete solutions with powerful upgradeable seamlessly integrated capability