Extend the power of Microsoft Lync to your mobile workers

Spectralink offers the only enterprise wireless mobility solutions qualified for Microsoft® Lync®. Customers who add Spectralink DECT or Wi-Fi solutions to their Lync installations benefit from increased workplace mobility, improved staff efficiency, and a high ROI.

Integrate Directly with Lync

Spectralink offers unique wireless telephony solutions that interoperate with Microsoft Lync without the use of a gateway. This direct integration simplifies deployment and administration, reduces hardware and support costs and further accelerates your ROI.

Benefit from faster deployment, reduced complexity, and greater system control. Your IT department can centrally administer, modify, and control the entire solution.

How it works

Lync allows users to communicate securely and stay connected with colleagues and customers, from virtually wherever they chose to work. Users can switch among devices as they choose based on their needs. It offers familiar and consistent user experience across PC, phone, browser and tablets. Connecting millions of people, their communications and the applications they use every day - together. Multiparty HD video conferencing brings life and expression to Lync Meetings. Lync is a dependable platform for all real-time communications. A single system reduces complexity in Enterprise IT.

With Lync you reach your vision of unified communications – on your timeline following your blueprint.

Get Specialized

With Spectralink you can combine Microsoft Lync with purpose-built wireless devices customized for verticals such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail and many other specialized working environments.

Deliver the power of a Lync phone to your mobile users with Spectralink wireless advantages:

  • Excellent voice quality
  • Enterprise-grade durability and security
  • Integration with business processes and applications

Benefits of using Lync

  • Tested and Qualified.
    The Spectralink DECT and Wi-Fi solutions have been tested by Microsoft and qualified for Microsoft® Lync®
  • Direct interoperability.
    Eliminate the need for a gateway, reduce complexity and costs
  • Increased ROI.
    Reduce administration costs, reduce downtime and increase efficiency and productivity
  • Streamlined administration.
    Increase flexibility and streamline administration by enabling your IT-department to centrally administer, modify and control the entire solution
  • Mobility.
    Add mobility to improve productivity, communication and satisfaction within verticals such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing and many other specialized working environments
  • Customized solution.
    Mix industry-customized wireless handsets to meet the individual need of each employee